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The Mysterious Palm Tree of Eziama Obiato

Eziama Obiato on Google Map 2021

The town of Eziama Obiato is located in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State, in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

It is about 18 kilometers from the city of Owerri, and is strategically located as it shares common boundaries with three other Local Government Areas in Imo State.

Eziama Obiato is bordered by Awo-Omamma which is in Oru East, Umu-ofor/Akabo which is in Oguta LGA and Amazano/Umuaka which is in Njaba LGA. Domestically, Eziama is bordered by Afara, Umunoha and Azara Obiato (all in Mbaitoli LGA).

Eziama Obiato is also home to the very popular “Ukwuorji” Bus Stop along the Owerri/Onitsha Express Road.

Eziama Obiato is the home of the mysterious palm tree with three stems/branches.

Many indigenes of the town are of the belief, that the Palm Tree symbolises the unity and progress of the town, and that each of the branch/stem, represents one of the three villages (Obi-ato) that make up the town.

The villages are in this order of seniority: Ezioha (formerly known as Otura) comprising Ezioha-Ukwu, Ezioha-Amaibo, Umuele and Ogwa. Umuagha consists of Umudim-Emeroha, Obo’kika and Umu-ekpu. Nkwokwu is made of Umuduruafor, Umufere and Obabor.

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