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Sights and Sounds of Owerri Under Senator Hope Uzodinma: Fire Service

The Fire Service junction had previously been known for traffic gridlocks that could last for hours. On rainy nights, it was almost impossible for road users to get to their homes on time, due to the massive traffic jams that had become a part of this junction, that once had a massive roundabout.

When Senator Hope Uzodinma took over and demolished the roundabout, a lot of people who didn’t understand his structural genius, lamented about the demolition, but Senator Hope Uzodinma was not deterred by them, as he soldiered on with his vision which today have manifested in a stress free junction where road users no longer have to stay in traffic jams for hours.

Today, you cannot stay up to 10 minutes at the Fire Service junction, as the traffic light, and the properly planned and constructed junction, have helped reduce traffic gridlocks to zero.

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