Wahala! Maduagwu Attacks Jim Iyke again

Jim Iyke

Days after brutal attack, Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has yet again lashed out at his colleague, Jim Iyke and further questioned the source of his wealth.


Less than a week ago, a video went viral on the internet where Jim Iyke was seen confronting Uche over a video he made questioning his source of wealth and implying he was a ritualist.

The controversial actor in the video addressed his senior colleague as the ‘Hushpuppi’ in the industry.

Iyke later trailed Maduagwu to his office and confronted him. In the process things later heated up leading the former to pounce on the latter.

However, in a recent interview with BBC Igbo, Jim Iyke revealed he has settled his differences with Uche Maduagwu following the buzz of the internet as a result of the incident.

Iyke further stated the incident wasn’t any form of publicity stunts for his new movie, “Bad Comments” like some social media users enunciated.

In a new development, Uche Maduaguw has shared a new video on his Instagram page, insisting to know the source of Jim Iyke’s wealth.

According to him, Jim Iyke spent N100m making his new movie and needs to explain where he got the funds to furnish it.

Uche just like in the former confrontation also threatened Jim that he was going to be arrested soon by the EFCC so he could explain where he sourced the money used in funding his new project which he described as ‘high budget movie.’

Still threatening Jim Iyke, Maduagwu promised their fight must have a round two adding he has a friend who is an expert taekwondo fighter.

“You come my office, you come beat me up. I’m here, Check me out, I’m here. They told me you were going to be here, Jim Iyke.

“Person spends N100million. N100million naira naim hin take do this movie, N100million naira!

“Where you get your money? How you take get the money? N100million naira to promote this movie? That is high budget movie. How you get your money, Jim Iyke? What are you doing?

“Let me tell you, just don’t worry; EFCC is coming to carry you. N100million for movie, in this Nigeria wey money no dey. Where did you see money? N100million!

“You come beat me. My friend dey fight taekwondo. Shebi you fit fight. Okay we go meet now, we go meet again. Jim Iyke we go meet again.

“Shebi you fit fight. You wan beat me abi? Round two dey come,” among other things Maduagwu said.

The Instagram actor also noted he was at the cinema hoping to see Jim Iyke but ran away upon hearing he was around as the video caption read;

“I was at the cinema because dem talk say you go come here today but Jim run him hear say Uche dey around. Person spend 100 million naira for one movie what is the job he dey do.”

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