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Your woman is not your slave

A woman is not a slave. You must always and at all times, treat them with respect.

As we share pictures and Facebook links to prospective ladies, who can make wonderful wives to men, I’ve also noted the unruly behaviour of some men, who feel they can talk to the ladies as they please.

Some start acting like fools and idiots, when they chat a lady up and she doesn’t respond.

It’s her right to decide who she wants to respond to and who she doesn’t want to respond to.

That you’re a man doesn’t give you the right to demand a reaction from her.

If she ignores you, my friend, jump and pass and check the next door, instead of insulting her.

Work on yourself if women keep ignoring you. Maybe how you talk to them. Your intro can set a woman on or off. Your appearance is another very important place to work on.

You don’t expect a lady to pay attention to you, when you appear very unkempt and childish.

Stop talking down on women. They are not your slaves. You are not better than a woman. An idiot on a fora insulted a beautiful young lady because she has one leg, forgetting that he can lose his both legs the next minute if God decides.

Treat every woman with respect.

The ladies on this space are interested in getting married. They are not interested in fooling around with boys and we advice you to stay away from this page if that’s what you have in mind.

If you are seriously interested in finding a woman to settle down with, then comport yourself and learn to talk to ladies with respect.

This same advise goes to our ladies, to respect themselves as respect is reciprocal.

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