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Ask A Man Their Dream Wife And See Him Describing A House Maid

Faridah Nakazibwe wrote;

Ask A Man Their Dream Wife And See Him Describing A House Maid.

Men, what are you looking for in women? Husbands, what are your expectations from your wives? Too many wives or female live-in-partners are still being treated like house maids and mere sex partners, not lovers, partners, and spouses.

Far too many fathers and grandfathers are still re-enforcing abusive, controlling, and extremely traditional behaviors of men toward women. In addition, far to many mothers and grandmothers are still teaching their daughters that the role of the wife is to be unquestionably subjective to their partners, serve then, feed them well and give them all the sex they need, and their marriages will be happy.

I am still hearing men say that they are “looking for wives to take care of them.” I am also hearing women say that “they are looking for a man with plenty of money.” These are two expectations that when mixed with extreme traditionalism will create controlling and abusive relationships.

During courtship, many men are sweet, giving, caring, helping and compassionate. These men would literally do anything to capture the hearts of their girlfriends–even if it means cooking, washing, and cleaning the house. After the wedding bells would have ringed and the honeymoon would have ended the husband’s true colors begin to show themselves. Within a few months to two years after the wedding day the wife discovers that her husband is really not that sweet, caring person she first met.

This is the kind of expectation that can cause serious martial discord in early marriages. Why? Because it is one partner treating the other like a servant or slave. It is making the wife feel as though she is her husband’s property, thus devaluing her meaning and purpose in life.

If you need a maid you can hire one. She is not required to serve you like a waiter in a hotel and you never do the same for her. Honor your wife and start sharing in all family and house-hold duties.

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