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House Maids and My Experience

I usually frown at women nowadays, who abandon their children to house maids, claiming they are too busy to attend to that bundle of joy she bore for nine months.

I’ve watched a lot of videos online to justify my disapproval for house maids and helps in general.

Presently in my House, I don’t keep any house help. From experience while growing up, employing a house help would most likely be the last thing I’ll ever agree to.

I grew up with quite a good number of them. My parents were very busy people, and hardly had time for us, so we were left in the care of maids.

Now there were the abuses. I probably thought I was enjoying myself back then, but I was unknowingly exposed to grave danger.

What if those maids were infected with deadly diseases? I could have also been affected.

I was practically abused by all the house maids my parents brought to the house.

If they had been male helps, obviously my sister’s would also have been abused.

I haven’t asked my brothers till date, but I suspect they too went through the same experience as I did.

Without knowing, my parents would have risked losing all their children to house maids.

Had anyone of them gotten pregnant, it would have affected our lives today, as we would have become fathers at a very tender age.

My parents would have been furious with us, but they created the situation. How can you blame a rat for eating the fish kept near it?

That experience affected me a great deal when I grew up.

Because I always got it so easily, I didn’t know how to ask for it. I didn’t know how to talk with a girl and without saying that word, tell her I want to sleep with her. I didn’t even know what to say to a girl and missed so many opportunities that came by way back then, because I didn’t know how to go about it.

It took some self confidence building, before I was able to speak freely with girls and even tell them what I wanted from them.

For a girl who was abused early, there can be very disastrous consequences for her. It could turn her into so many things the parents may not want to stomach.

Even female maids can still abuse your daughters in this day an age.

There is no insurance that a male maid doesn’t prefer boys and would abuse your sons, or that the female maid isn’t into girls and would change the orientation of your daughters.

It’s a risk you take everyday you leave your children with house maid.

Now we aren’t even talking about the violent abuses, such as beatings and all manner of evil, these maids have been known to do to children left in their care.

There was this horrific video I watched that I still can’t shake from my memory. It was so sickening that I refused to watch it a second time.

What was she thinking I wondered? But then, you may not know when you hire a mad woman and leave your child in her care.

As a parent that I am right now, there are times your children, especially when they are babies, can drive you almost insane. They’ll cry for seemingly no reason other than to make you miserable.

I know how crazy it can drive somebody but you ensure it because they are your children. That house maid might not have that patience to endure those cries and when you’re not around, you may not know what he or she does to keep your child quiet. You could kill them if you knew.

Aside from your children, a house maid is capable of ruining your marriage. I know a man who is now living with the maid rather than his wife.

You are too busy to take care of your husband. The maid does everything. Soon she’ll also perform bedroom duties, and by the time you realise it, your maid may become your co-wife. It has happened in so many places.

When the maid is a boy on the other hand, we’ve heard cases where the husband caught his wife with the maid.

Even bringing a relative to take care of your kids, has its downsides. Most of our maid growing up where either from my mother’s side or my father’s side, but it still didn’t stop them from abusing me. The scandal it would have been in the village, if I had gotten any of them pregnant.

There was a time we brought somebody from our village to stay with us, and she got pregnant for somebody. Rather than tell us her situation, she ran away. The rumour in the village was that we had used her for money rituals.

We spend million on search, until she was located by the police. What if we hadn’t found her? What is something had happened to her? The problem that would have come from it is something you don’t want to think about.

Despite the bad eggs, there are the few good ones. But how do you identify them?

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