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Plot 39

The name is simply Plot 39 and it’s an ideal place for anybody looking for a quiet and uncrowded guesthouse.

The exclusive six room guesthouse is located at Federal Housing Estate Egbu Road Owerri, and offers its services to members of the society, who are looking for a breakaway from the usual guesthouses in Owerri.

Our rooms are well furnished and spacious, affording you the comforts you find in your home.

Plot 39 offers you 24hrs electricity as we are equipped with both solar panels, as well as a standby generator, to ensure your comfort when you stay with us.

Plot 39 frowns at crowding, but we have a well stocked bar for our guests to unwind in.

Our kitchen staff is excellent and your security even in the kitchen is of great importance to us, as we have state of the art CCTV cameras covering our hallways, the exterior of the building, as well as the kitchen.

Our rooms start from ₦10,000.00 to ₦25,0000.00.

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