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All IfeanyiCy Njoku had was one small old Ghana-must-go bag

by Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

I still remember that day several years ago. My friend’s aunt had bought a house and the tenants were to be evicted forcefully.

It was a three bedrooms bungalow, and had a lot of people squatting in it.

That was about the first time I met CY Njoku. He was one of the tenants.

He was not around when the eviction started, but when he arrived, all he grabbed from the tiny room he called home, was a small old Ghana-must-go bag which probably contained all his worldly possessions.

CY’s bed was a pile of old newspapers and the room was a store without windows.

Then he walked with the help of a walking stick. It was the error of yahoo yahoo, which trended amongst the youths, but CY remained focused on building his then seemingly “imaginary” Media and Event Company- IfeanyiCy Media and Event Services.

Looking back at the young man who was rendered homeless that day, and looking at the man he has become today, a proud owner of his own house, can only be grace and love of God over his life. Today his imaginations have materialised into one of the fastest growing creative multimedia Services, Public Relations, Rental services , Decorations, Event Coverage and Planning firms in the state.

He didn’t allow the hurdles, the potholes and the stones life threw at him, even with his seeming physical disability, hinder him from keeping his eyes on the ball and reinventing himself into one of the most popular brands in Imo State today.

Today, that homeless young man, with only an old Ghana-must-go bag as his entire life possession, has rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty in society, from present and past govenrors, to Presidential aspirants and captains of industry.

His life and story of grass to grace remains an inspirational story for upcomers, to give them that never-give-up attitude CY possessed, and remain focused in whatever they are doing.

TheCity People recognise Mr. IfeanyiCy Njoku as a symbol of determination and focus.

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