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How Stranded girls pay for my services – Uber driver reveals

An Uber driver has revealed how he covers loss in revenue brought about by ladies who cannot afford to pay their fare.

There have been numerous videos on the social media, showing Uber drivers embarrassing girls who fail to be up with the money for the service rendered.

A Lagos Uber driver revealed that unlike his colleagues who are good at embarrassing their erring passengers, he found another way to get paid for his services.

“It started sometime last two months,” he narrated. “I picked up this girl around 7pm and took her to where she told me she was going to.

“All through the trip, I noticed she was busy trying a number on her phone which seemed not to be connecting.

“That, and the worried look and glances she kept giving me as I drove, got me worried whether she had the money to pay for her fare.

“Lo and behold, the person who was supposed to foot her fare wasn’t yet at home. She said the guy was her boyfriend, and had agreed to leave work early to meet her before she got to his house but he wasn’t there and his phone wasn’t connecting.

“When I started getting impatient, she made a surprising request that.

“‘Bros,’ she said. ‘i fit pay you in kind?’

“I took some time to fully understand what she meant. She wanted to settle her fare with her honey pot, since she didn’t know when her man would get home.

“After some consideration, I agreed to her request. She directed me to a dark close near her man’s house and when there, she climbed over on top of me and gave me a mind blowing s**.

“That was the first time I ever did it in a car and the beginning of several other episodes.

“I was surprised how many girls were ready to settle with their body than be embarrassed and have their faces published on social media.

“Some of them have even become my regulars. Yes, I’m losing some revenue so I try not to over do it, but this way, I don’t have to spend too much money chasing after girls.”

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