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At the moment, Nigeria is confronted by multiple security challenges in every part of the nation. There is consistent news of robbery, kidnapping, killings, pickpocketing and bag snatching to say the least. No matter how you look at it, waking up to see the next day is an underrated blessing. As it is, it is not enough to pay people to provide your security; you also have a role to play especially whilst going about our daily hustle. While we hope for better days ahead, we have curated ways to help you stay alert. 

Indeed, we can’t avoid going to places like church, market and even wedding parties. However, we must be alert. Hoodlums target those locations to cause mayhem. Hurry and leave the area as soon as possible while you still can. Avoid distraction and ensure your money and phones are with you. While in traffic, do the same thing, use your car’s rearview to check occurrences behind you. When things look suspicious, find a means to get out of there. 

Before leaving your home, make sure you lock all doors and windows. Teach your children to do the same. Every door and window locks must be effective. If there are broken windows or seals where hoodlum may easily dismantle, you must ensure that there are correctly fixed.

We all have that one person(s)we can call in times of trouble, memorise their contact. Be it, friend, family, colleague or neighbour, have their phone numbers by heart; that way you can reach out when things don’t go according to plan. 

This is a no brainer in these trying times. One must desist from keeping late hours, limiting late-night movies inclusive. Even within the neighbourhood, walking alone late in the night can attract unwanted attention. If you have to work late, take a taxi to your door or get someone to accompany you. Be aware of your surroundings and learn how to identify potential problems. 

Some of these valuables including but not limited to phones, laptop, documents, and even ‘Gate pass’. If your entrance gate pass is left in sight, burglars will easily pick this up and drive your car out. If you have to leave valuables in your car, lock them out of sight. This is the best way to deter an opportunist thief. Your phone and purses are recommended to be out of sight while driving. Also, one has to show caution while moving around on foot or in public transport with valuables.

Keeping our children safe in this trying time has become even more challenging now. It’s not so easy to trust people like we used to, to care for them, pick them from school or even play with them. One must apply caution henceforth and educate their children on how to be alert; whom they can/cannot let into the house, places that they can no longer play/visit and especially information that they can/cannot divulge. The list is endless.

Regardless of how security conscious you are, things happen. Some situations are beyond your control. Do not hesitate to report crimes and stating stolen items with the Police. Talk to a security expert to learn more tips depending on your security needs. It also helps to have insurance to minimize your losses.

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