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Rozay (The Phantom) Adds Another Year

He is called Rozay by all, but his friends call him Rolls Royce the Phantom. He is Kelechi Akujobi Ogbuihe and today the 12th day of December 2021 marks another year added to his life on earth.

Unassuming and very simple in nature and character, the multiple Masters Degrees holder and intellectual, has continued to attain new highest in his various pursuits.

A silent philanthropist who believes strictly in what Christ Jesus said in Matthew 6:3, Rozay has touched many in his immediate and extended surroundings through various forms of support he has continued to extend to them.

Regarded by many as the Ultimate man for his knack for the Ultimate beer, Rozay participates fully in social activities and is a lover of good music, having sponsored several musical programmes in the church.

The City People join the good people of Imo State to celebrate a great man as he adds another year to his life.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kelechi Akujobi Ogbuihe (Rolls Royce the Phantom), and may God Almighty continue to bless you with many more prosperous years ahead.

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