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Don’t Marry Her!!!

by Emmanuella Vincent

Yes, you heard me right, Don’t marry her.

Don’t marry her because She is not your Standard, Don’t Marry her because she is a Divorcee, Don’t marry her because she expresses her Anger, don’t marry her because she is a Single Mother, Don’t Marry her because she is an Ashawo (Which you have never seen her before). Don’t marry her because of flimsy excuses.

I know Alot of people refused to marry her because of this assertions Above!. I know Alot of women are has been disappointed from their man because of those reasons.

Sometimes I wonder why we allow people to decide to us how we choose whom to Marry not when we are courting them. It saddens my heart when you see people inlove for years, months . but when it gets to Marriage then you will see their friends and family discouraging them not to get married to them.

You will see that your friend will come out and tell you how he met him in a hotel or how his friend had an affairs with her. But he won’t accept or assume if you both will actually make a Happy family. Just because of envy, he will advice you not to go ahead with that marriage, just because of his own mistake in his marriage he Will tell you not to embark on that journey thinking that you both will end same way, perhaps he might not want you to be happy with yours.

Listen, Don’t marry her has led to many misfortune in today’s marriage,
Don’t marry her has led men going back to their Ex.
Don’t marry her has made alot of men saying I miss you. The worst mistake I made was listening to my family or friends because they adviced me not to marry you. Don’t marry her has made some men having Side Chicks. Alot of men are regretting it today because they Accepted the word “Don’t Marry Her”

Happiness and peace of mind has been denied in many homes because of “Don’t Marry Her”

The word” Don’t marry her has made alot of men drunkard and late at night!!.

If you love her and ready to Forgive each other, MARRY HER because we all has a dirty past!!. No man is Holy. Stop listening to people because theirs didn’t work. Yours will work if you handle it with maturity! IN ADDy TO YOU MY BEST FRIEND and DAUGHTER, Ebuka please approve thanks

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