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Help He says he loves me, but has so many ladies in his life

Midnight Whispers.

Admin please I need this advice on this issue. Please kindly hide my identity. Am a lady in my late thirties and I met a man who is in his mid forties.We are all from the East.

He resides in his home town while I work and live in the south. Am a civil servant while he is an engineer. We met each other here around June last year and he visited me October and I went to his place during the Xmas period and was welcomed by him and his family.

He invited this February and I went but notice he receives calls from uncountable ladies and will also ask me not to talk whenever he is on Call. He promises any lady that comes his way on social media marriage. I noticed he lacks vision and dream as a man.

When I confronted him concerning his attitude, he told me he loves you, that his only playing tricks with those ladies of which its a pure lie. please I need advice here because I don’t want to make mistake. Thank you.

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