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She’s too bossy, doesn’t love me like I love her, advice me

Please advice me on this

Good afternoon

My girl and I have been dating since we were teens. She moved in with me 4years ago. She’s the only woman I’ve known my entire life and the same goes with her…

We’ve been together for so long that people that don’t know us too well do think we’re siblings because we’re begining to look alike. She graduated last year and I played a major role in making that happen… but I’m not in school yet.

We had plans to settle down together but recently, she has become too much of the things I don’t like about her. She’s becoming too suspicious, She’s too bossy, her money is her money even if it means me dying of hunger, she sends me around like I’m a house boy… but if I ask her to do something she’d sluggishly or doesn’t do it at all. She doesn’t keep to none of my rules but she expects me to keep to hers.

Lately, she doesn’t do anything in the house at all. I do everything including her laundries.

We had a misunderstanding few days back and I realized she doesn’t mind walking away. I can swear she’s not cheating on me but I know She doesn’t love me like I’d love her and she’s just like that.

I have gotten used to her so much that the thought of seeing myself with another woman irritates me.
What do I do now 🤔

Please I need your advice 🥺.

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