Video: Scrotum of a nak3d man stuck inside tiny opening of a plastic chair

It’s surprising how a man’s scrotum would get stuck between the hole of a plastic chair, but it happened, as is shown in the video below.

In the video which was shared online, the man was seen being reacued by good samaritans, who gathered and freed the man’s scrotum from the painful bondage he was in.

He sat still while a saw was used to cut the chair he was sitting on, in order to free his scrotum.

How his scrotum passed through the very tiny space between the plastic chair, remains a question in the lips of viewers, since the video was shared online.

The plastic chair was held firmly by one person, while another man used a saw to cut the chair carefully, while avoiding the man’s trapped member.
He was eventually released from the chair, when it was cut wide enough to remove his scrotum.

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