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Why your wife must have access to your phone codes

by Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

To my fellow married men and those aspiring to join us, it’s very important to share issues such as your phone and bank account codes with your wife.

Nobody wakes up and courts calamity, it comes on its own when you least expect it.

Let’s take for instance you’re the breadwinner of the house and.something happens to you, how does that woman manage the situation when you hid yourself from her?

There was this case of my friend who’s wife died in an accident.

The woman had over ₦4million in her account, money they jointly saved with her since she was a banker and my man didn’t know the code to his wife’s phone to be able to access the money.

It took a lot of court visits before the bank confirmed he was the dead woman’s husband, before handing over the money to him.

Many people’s monies have vanished inside banks that way because you chose to hide yourself from your wife.

In my house, there’s a standing rule that everybody even my kids know all our phone passwords.

For men wey dey do like this and like that, you might not be comfortable with what she might find if she’s the very noisy type, but nwanne, when the unexpected happens and you cannot do anything, you’ll wish you let her have those codes.

In my house, we all know our boundaries and respect them.

My wife doesn’t read my messages even when she has access to my phones (the one she read some years back cause better wahala she decided that wetin she no know no concern am).

I don’t read her messages either.

She knows all my email accounts and passwords. I’m a blogger and she knows all my blogs and how to log into them. She has access to this Facebook account. She controls all my ATM cards and her fingerprint is one of the biometrics to unlock my bank apps. She also knows all the transfer codes.

I don’t pray to die any time soon but one needs to prepare for the unexpected.

At least that my nwa-jai in those accounts can help her as best as possible while she sees if she can restart things from where I stopped.

That brings me to the next step.

If you’re a business man, teach her what you do so that she can carry on when you’re no longer there to do it.

There’s this lady whose husband died leaving her, a housewife with seven kids. But while he was alive, he taught her his trade and she managed that business until she trained all her children with it. Now she’s retired and the kids, two of whom are bankers are now taking care of her.

Even if na guy you dey do, make she learn format…

But ladies, no be when them give you access now anya gi ato na inbox. This is the main reason men dey dodge their phone from you even though at your mutual peril. Trust me, na High BP you go give yourself…

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