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With Tinubu, My Party Confirms Its Disdain For Nigerians


The nomination of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the presidential candidate of my Party, the All Progressives Congress, should have made it very easy for Nigerians with the right conscience and intellect to make a choice about whom their next President should be. Except for those who do not care about what becomes of Nigeria or those whose brains are tucked into their stomachs, there won’t be any reason to imperil Nigeria further with a Tinubu presidency, just after the disaster that is the Buhari administration.

Obviously, the APC has no respect for Nigerians . They have no regrets over their atrocities against this country in the last seven years and they have a sense that they are entitled to Nigerians’ votes and or acquiescence, no matter how much they have bungled our trust in the last seven years. This is why, while the major opposition Party might have made – even though, a torpid attempt – at fielding candidates that might present some convincing arguments to be voted into power, the APC used its ticket to reward an individual who has made the most political and financial investments, but with the least acceptance among Nigerians of different persuasions.

My Party has refused to apologize for the disaster that the Buhari administration has been, because, maybe, they feel that Nigerians are dullards, that we are too timid to interrogate their actions and decisions. They feel that we have no option but to swallow whatever they feed us, hook, line and sinker.

This is the only reason, that Party of mine will be bringing forward a Tinubu, after Buhari. Yes, Tinubu might be better than Buhari, in the sense that he had taken time to improve himself over the years, and he has a history of working and growing through the ranks, in a multinational organization where nepotism might not be the decider of one’s fate, unlike Buhari, who only got into the military because of quota system, and never did anything else well, since after the military. Buhari, my Party’s leader, has lived off Nigerian public wealth, his entire life, and apart from his 150 stunted cows, Buhari hasn’t admitted to doing any other business or going into any other successful endeavor. Tinubu has also deliberately built a formidable political structure and elitist goodwill spreading across the length and breadth of Nigeria, but like Buhari, he is aged, frail and with controversy ridden academic records.

Tinubu has had Lagos – Nigeria’s biggest economy – in his back-pocket, for the last two decades and more, yet, that State has been the biggest apology to governance. With its enormous wealth, Lagos should have rivalled, at least Johannesburg or even Kigali, but instead, it is leading the pack among the most dangerous, slum infested and disorganized cities in the world. One would be wont to ask; where did all the Lagos billions go to? Many informed people would be tempted to quickly answer; Bourdillon.

APC would have definitely had a better chance at the presidency with a candidate like Osibanjo, even though people like us who are unrepentantly inclined to the Southeast producing the next President of Nigeria would have found it difficult to accept him as the next President, but placed side by side with an Atiku, it won’t be too difficult for Nigerians who wish to have a better country to shift towards the Osibanjo candidacy, not minding that the APC as a Party has shown itself to be the worst thing to have happened to Nigeria. We know that it isn’t about the Party, it is about the individual on the driving seat.

Tinubu’s candidacy is nothing but a most insensitive affront on the sensibilities of Nigerians, foisting him on us, and believing that by some magic, he will emerge the next President of Nigeria, shows that the APC sees Nigerians, not as human beings deserving of some respect, but as some kind of robots that can be remote controlled even into throwing themselves into a ditch. We will wait till February, to know what Nigerians have to say about this impression that my Party has about them.


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