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2023 Elections: The Kick Off Advise

By Agunwa Emeka Nzeribe

2023 season is here with us
As INEC lifts ban on campaigns.

As we go to the field, interests must vary, opinions too.
Please, tolerate other interest and opinions.

We are entitled to our individual opinions, right or wrong
We must let others hold theirs, equally.

But, you must not attempt to decieve others with your wrong opinion.
It is unacceptable.

Remember, this season is full of;

  • lies
  • rumours
  • fake news
  • propaganda
  • hate speeches
  • and other avarice

This is the time facts are mischievously distorted.
We are in the era when issues are purposely misconstrued
Just to secure cheap political advantage.

Feather weights will read and get confused
As photoshops will be at its peak
With cryptic and edited video clips on the high side.

Dispassionate readers will know the truth
Discerning minds won’t be deceived.

As we campaign,

We must shun the use of abusive or derogatory languages.

Let us not inflict passion to flame
Our communities are bleeding
The country is already on fire
We are loosing able bodied youths daily.


Don’t escalate the tension
Or cause more havoc through unguided utterance or remarks.

Be civil, be polite.

The errors of your opponent cannot make you a success.

Next five months is very delicate
Either we use it for our good or bad
Brethren, GOOD is far better.

Either we minimise our problems
Or jeopardise our chances of getting out of the woods.

Let our writings be issue based.

As a writer or sympathiser, you are expected to tell us what your prefered candidate, (presidential, gubernatorial, national or state assembly); as a private or public servant has done in the past to alleviate plight of those around him/her.

Let us know cogent and verifiable past deeds of your prefered candidate which helped humanity.

And tell the public what he/she intends to do differently for the good of the society if given mandate.

Don’t tell us your prefered candidate is the much awaited messiah without telling us those he/she saved as private or public servant.

Tell us how your prefered candidate intends to make his/her constituents live in a more prosperous community.

(Is your prefered candidate a former this or that at local, state or federal level? Tell the public how he/she used such previous position for public good)
Not rhetoricals.

We must sheathe our swords.
This is not time to wield arms and ammunition against one another.

Remember, after campaign comes election
After elections, governance
We shall still live together as brothers and sisters; even good neighbours.

Live and let live.

Let this phrase, ‘in brotherhood we stand’ reign supreme in its true sense.

This is the time to make or mar our nation as a people with common destiny.

We should not allow two religions from the same ancestors polarise our fragile system the more
Those religions are alien, and should be regarded as such.

I advise we use this season to make our clime a better and relative peaceful place for all
If not for our sake, for the sake of our children’s children.

Let the campaigns begin in modesty.

Agunwa is ready to tell the public what Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima (Omeudo Niger Delta) stands for; what he has achieved within a short period in partisan politics and things he will use his second mandate to attract for the good people of oil rich region of Imo State.

Agunwa is frankly ready for Frank Ugboma.
If I may ask, Onyebuchi?

Agunwa, the prognosticator of our time is ready to roll.

As we roll, let’s demonstrate civility.

Udo 🙏

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