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APC and PDP are Nigeria’s Woes

by Sir Henry Otulle Eke, USA

I am not a politician and have no appetite, lust and love for Nigerian political system.

My unsolicited advice to PDP and APC political parties is for them to disappear from political scene in Nigeria and bury its ugly heads in shame…

These two political parties are the woes of Nigeria.

They are the Cancer of Nigeria and should be rejected, disgraced and humiliated.

I have no iota of reason to fear from speaking my mind. I fear no human, except God Almighty.

I wish the people of Nigeria could March straight to the Aso Rock to sack the man there that they call Buhari and members of the National Assembly. These are the real enemies of Nigeria.

I have a word of advice for INEC…lndependent National Electoral Commission…l am convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that the 2023 Presidential election shall be rigged in favor of APC by you…corrupt sons and daughters of Lucifer.

Be prepared to bear the responsibilities of the aftereffects of your sinister plot to continuing with the impoverishment of Nigerians. It is not going to be a busoness as usual.

The revolution is gradually meandering inland and there would be no hiding places for the wicked.

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