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Ihedioha a liar but I can’t blame him, his political survival depends on Atiku

by Chinedu Metu

I don’t want to come out to label a former Deputy Speaker of Nigeria Hon Emeka Ihedioha a liar, but after listening to his comments on ChannelsTV today and going back to rewatch his utterances in faraway Ghana, I am forced to label Ihedioha a liar and an insincere man.

Who was Ihedioha trying to confuse? Sometimes these politicians think they are talking to fools and expect everybody to accept whatever they say, even when they are telling bare-faced lies.

Let me refresh Ihedioha of what he said and I quote, “there are two parties at the end of the day, the PDP and the APC, onye na amahu ya mara”

By this first comment alone which wasn’t referred to Ndi Mbaise as he claimed, but referring to Nigeria as a whole, Ihedioha struck the first blow at Peter Obi by sounding it clear that in Nigeria, only the PDP and APC matter…at least to him and those like him.

If Ihedioha was making his reference just to the votes coming from Mbaise, why then would he say that any other person saying anything must win in Sokoto etc?

Now let me ask Ihedioha, are all Mbaise people only members of APC and PDP? Or like you said, are they all members of PDP? So all the members and supporters of Labour Party and other parties in Mbaise are not really from Mbaise but are saboteurs?

Just watch the two videos and see how Ihedioha was contradicting himself.

Ihedioha, the lie at Channels TV didn’t just work. We heard you loud and clear. The window dressing of what you said that you and your boys have been trying to do isn’t working.

Ihedioha goofed big time.

But I don’t blame him. They say politics is interest and that is exactly what Ihedioha did. He had to protect his personal interest with the hope that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate wins the 2023 General Election.

Atiku right now is Ihedioha’s hope for political survival.

If Tinubu or something happens and the APC presents another candidate and he wins the 2023 General Election, It can most certainly be an automatic return ticket for Gov Hope Uzodinma.

Should it happen, Atiku as usual will dump the PDP and return to his Dubai base leaving Ihedioha at the mercy of Nyesom Wike of Rivers State who would ensure Ihedioha doesn’t even win the primaries of the PDP let alone winning Uzodinma who flogged him out of power even from a disadvantaged position.

If Peter Obi should win, Ihedioha who has betrayed Obi countless times despite Obi sticking out his neck for him, will not be expecting any special support from that quarter.

Again he has Wike to contend with as it regards the party’s ticket so that one is out of the question for him.

Besides Labour Party at the helm of affairs would need a victory and even if Ihedioha gets the ticket, which is most unlikely, unseating Uzodinma or defeating whoever Labour Party would field is almost impossible.

Ihedioha’s survival politically rests with Atiku.

I have heard that Ihedioha is hoping to use Atiku to revisit the Supreme Court ruling that removed him from office and automatically get reinstated.

With Tinubu, that matter will remain buried and despite protesting on his behalf, Peter Obi, after Ihedioha’s serial betrayals, may be reluctant to interfere with the Supreme Court for Ihedioha’s sake.

So I don’t blame him. My brother Ihedioha is just being selfish like any other desperate politician and protecting his interest.

Should Ihedioha fail to return to power in 2023, he knows that whatever hope he has of ruling Imo State would be over unless he wants to become another Ifeanyi Araraume who is forever chasing a pipe dream.

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