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Ihedioha Told Lies

by Nze Duru Kizito


I apologize to friends whom I made a promise to not to further discuss the remarks made by Ihedioha in Accra.

Ihedioha’s apology on TV today is noble and very commendable.

Beyond his words, his countenance showed a man who is truly sorry for insulting his kinsmen.

But he would have stopped at that.

But typical of most politicians particularly from the South East, Ihedioha once again genuflected to the North.

He told lies.

When asked about the Obidient movement which has taken over the Southern part of the country, Ihedioha lied by claiming that the movement is a response to APC’s failure.

Ihedioha knows within himself that Obidient movement couldn’t have happened had the PDP treated the South East fairly and ceded its presidential ticket to the South East.

Obi become a phenomenon as a result of unfair treatment given to the South East and fueled by the desire of Nigerians to see to the retirement of the old order which Atiku and Tinubu belong to.

Had the PDP picked a presidential candidate from the South East, Peter Obi wouldn’t have been in the equation.

And if Obidient movement was a reaction to APC’s misrule, why isn’t the PDP enjoying same patronage?

Another conspicuous lie told by Ihedioha was his claim that he agitated for micro zoning to the South East.

Omenkeahuruanya How, where and when?

From day one, his preference was Tambuwal.

There was never a day Omenkeahuruanya made news by calling for South East president.

Orji Ozor Kanu, Umahi and even Uzodinma at a point made case for APC to consider the South East for President.

Ihedioha never did!

We know whom he rolled the carpet for when PDP presidential aspirants visited Imo for consultation.

Dear Emeka Ihedioha , it has been your wish for the North to have an interrupted 16 years in power.

But I tell you sir, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

We are tired and we will take back our country.

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