Oil Refineries: Buhari APC Government should be investigated for treason and violation of oaths of office

Henry Otulle Eke, KSC
Austin, Texas

No one has given me or reply to my questions on why four heavily invested and technological advanced Oil Refineries in Nigeria were closed down; then allows an individual owned refinery to flourish…

Tell me why a country of over 200 million people should have one functioning Seaport…

The population of the Scandinavian countries are just 20 Million. Canada is 60 Million and why in God’s name is Nigeria still one country even after the amalgamation treaty expired in 2014?

Yoruba Nation should be a country of near 80 Million…Biafra over 70 Million. Middlebelt should be a country and the same is applicable to Arewa. Why is Nigeria still together? It is for economic suitability for corrupt politicians. The governed are washing their hands with spittle, while residing at river banks.

The composition of Nigeria as it is constituted machinations to shortening millions of lives everyday. It creates hopelessness, dejection, suicides and intensification of criminal empires.

The souless politicians love the economic instabilities, the degradation of standards of living and the fleecing of people’s treasuries. As the people suffer, they rejoice in their heartless and vicious pretence of public service. We know that they are mocking the people with hateful indignation.

I must continue to ask…Why is the APC Ruling Party running for political offices in 2023 after ruining and raking havoc in the country?

This APC Government has brought the country not only to her knee, the belly, face and body are buried under the hot sand of Sahara Desert. The Party is wicked!

The deception of diversity as a strength for Nigerian geopolitical dichotomy is a manufactured colonial jargon specifically designed to impoverish and subjugate Africa to perpetual condemnation of unending strife of bismol and stagnation of Mosquito equivalence of development.

By closing four heavily invested oil refineries in Nigeria, the APC Government should be investigated for treasonous and criminal violations of their oaths of Offices.

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