We Don’t Believe In The Same Doctrine – Igbo Worshippers In United States Orders White Bishop Out Of Church (Video)

A video of a commotion in an Igbo Anglican Church in Irvington, New Jersey, United States has surfaced on social media.

In the video, Nigerians can be heard protesting against a white bishop whom they claimed wanted to hijack their church.

A woman filming the rowdy session said a particular Bishop Ross cannot hijack the church, adding that Nigerians do not believe in the same thing as him.

The congregants claimed that the clergyman was not welcome in their church adding that he was  an intruder Bishop from Colorado.

A police officer from Irvington who visited the scene could be seen having an inaudible discussion with some of the congregants.

The lady with the camera said, “This is happening in Igbo Anglican Church, Irvington, New Jersey. This is an intruder Bishop that came all the way from Colorado to come and hijack our church.

“And a police officer is here from Irvington police. This is what we’ve been facing. No, we don’t believe in the same thing. I don’t care, we don’t believe in the same thing!

“Bishop Ross cannot hijack our church. You cannot hijack our church. This will not happen. It will not happen.”

Watch the video below,

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