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Video: General Ogunewe Has not seen war, I built an Army during Biafra War – Imo LP Gov. candidate Athan Achonu

A former senator, Athan Achonu who won the Labour Party governorship ticket in Imo State has stated that his experience from the Biafran war can help him solve the security challenges in Imo.

Speaking during an interview, Achono said he stands a better chance of tackling insecurity in Imo than the retired security personnel, including Major General Jack Ogunewe who he defeated in the race for Labour Party gubernatorial ticket because they have not seen war as he has. He said he fought in the Biafran war and he formed his own army at a very young age during the war.

About 21:20 minutes into a video shared on YouTube by Njenje Media TV, Achonu said “You know the former General, Captain and Assistant Inspector General of Police, they have not seen war. I witnessed the Biafran civil war, I created my own army during that war. I was very young, I had my own army.

“So being a General, Captain or AIG once you are retired you no longer have any unit under you. It now depends on who you are, your character and your contacts that is what is going to determine how you will perform and then the ideas you have to challenge the security situation in the state. So it is the plan, the idea and the strategy that is what matters, not whether you are a retired General”.

Ogunewe is contesting Athan Achonu’s emergence as the party’s governorship candidate, insisting the former senator bought his way to the party’s ticket using fake delegates he paid $300 each to.

Achonu is yet to respond to Ogunewe’s press release.

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