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Ajaero: Like Ohakim like Uzodimma, is another setup in the offing?

By Chimaroke Ezenwa

Before the 2011 General Elections, a story broke which led in a huge way to the unfortunate outcome of that election.

The then governor of Imo State, Dr Ikedi Ohakim was accused of flogging a Catholic priest.

The story became the bedrock for opposition campaign and Rochas Okorocha then of the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, would cash into it and emerge winner of that contest.

Years later, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, who even released a song to attack Ohakim, would call the same Ohakim to his church and while revealing that it was all a lie, apologised to the former governor.

But the deed had already been done and Imo State was forced to live through a tortrous eight years categorised with land grabbing, looting, poor infrastructure amongst other vices we had to endure, even up to the point of trying to turn the state and her people into an extension of the family business.

Yesterday, barely ten days to the November 11th Governorship election in Imo State, another story broke.

The NLC President Ajaero has been beaten to pulp.

Unlike the time of Ohakim, today, there are even pictures to show the bruises around his eyes and face.

Unlike the case of Ohakim where there wasn’t social media awareness as we have today and yet the story reached everywhere, the story of yesterday is now everywhere and gone much faster than in 2011.

Now the old woman in the village is waking up to this picture, barely ten days to the election. What would be her reaction on election day after seeing this?

There are various narratives everywhere as to what led to what.

But the government, like in the time of Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, have come out to deny involvement in the attack on Ajaero.

But nobody wants to listen. The talk on the lips of everybody today is that, “Uzodimma has beaten Ajaero up for standing up for the people.” Now I remember when the story was, “Ohakim has been up a priest.”

What if this whole attack on Ajaero wasn’t sponsored by the Imo State government but rather, by another manipulative opponent like at the time of Ohakim when (we known who), added salt and pepper to a none issues for his personal gain even though it still didn’t favour him in the end?

Could Uzodimma be telling the truth? If he is, he may have allowed himself to be set up for a fall like his close friend Ohakim suffered. But if he or an over zealous aide had a hand in the attack, it’s a poor and ill-timed move that could have far-reaching devastating outcomes, unless it doesn’t matter what the people vote (that is, if INEC has already been bought and paid for).

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