Words of wisdom with Pastor Dickson Meso Ibekwe

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Word of wisdom: And the Lord your God will clear out those nations before you, little by little, you may not consume them quickly, lest the beasts of the field increase among you. Deuteronomy 7:22

Life point: Just before the Israelites entered the promised Land, the Lord told them that He would drive out their enemies before them “ little by little “ lest the beasts of the field increase among them.

I believe pride is one of the “beasts “ that will consume us if we receive too much freedom too quickly.

The best way to gain lasting freedom and wholeness is to be liberated one area at a time. That way we appreciate our freedom more, we realize it is truly a gift from God and not something we can make happen in our own strength.

If it seems that freedom is slow in coming to any area of your life, remember that true progress often happens little by little.

We know from Deuteronomy 6:23 that God “ brings us out to take us in” . What has God brought you out of in order to take you into something better?
Thank Him today!

Prayer: Lord Jesus I surrender my life to You , kill pride in me in Jesus Mighty name!

Pastor Dickson Meso Ibekwe, renowned for his role as both an international businessman and a dedicated Christian minister, tirelessly devotes his life to the propagation of the gospel. His multifaceted commitment extends beyond traditional ministry, encompassing charitable works and fervent evangelism on a global scale. Through a seamless integration of his entrepreneurial endeavors and spiritual calling, Pastor Ibekwe strives to make a profound impact, intertwining faith and commerce in a harmonious pursuit of spreading hope and goodwill.

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